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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Trained and aware employees are the lifeline to securing your organization. Our security awareness training program reduces your company’s vulnerabilities, and provides a workforce prepared to protect your data. Cyber criminals are only becoming better at phishing, so it is important that employees are trained to detect, react, and report cyber threats the right way.

CSS provides phishing simulation training that provides business owners an understanding of how well their employees are trained in their reaction to ransomware attacks. We’ll track which employees have clicked on a phishing email, who has given away their password and who has ignored the email. Once the simulation results are evaluated, we will provide the appropriate training methods to ensure your organization is prepared for real world threats. Our training package can be utilized as often as you require to ensure your team and all new members are protecting your network and data. If you would like to see a sample report of your company’s findings please click below.


Our team provides scheduled phishing campaigns at your request, customized for any group or department. We ensure to provide phishing campaigns that mimic the way real world threats look to ensure your company is ready for the real thing.


Majority of threats that impact an enterprise come from lack of education. Not every attack comes from disgruntled workers or adversaries, most derive from employees that make honest mistakes. Let our team provide the training that will turn all of your employees into phishing vigilantes.


Testing and training are always great, but without detailed reports it will be hard to understand how well your employees retained the information. Our security reports will paint the picture of how your organization is applying the knowledge into their day to day routine. We can provide follow on training to ensure that employees are able to spot “phishy” behavior from a mile away!

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