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Protecting your business from cyber criminals, and malicious websites is important. However, not all financial losses occur because of an infection. Loss in productivity is a very real problem in today’s digital age.

CTC Web Filtering platform, will solve both problems! Our software offering will ensure that not only the websites visited are clean, but that you can choose the websites that your network allows.

Time Wasting websites not only distract your employee from their tasks, but they can use up precious bandwidth and internet speeds, impacting the productivity for the rest of the organization.

A recent study concluded that when social media is not blocked in the workplace, an average of 2.35 hours of productivity is wasted per employee.

Let Cyber Security Solutions help you fix this problem!

The most vulnerable vector for malicious business attacks is email—the communication lifeblood of most organizations.

Our CTC Mail Guard service provides continuously updated spam and threat protection to effectively shield you and your company.

Even with a primary layer of security, as with Microsoft® Office 365™, CTC Mail Guard provides an additional layer of defense—added insurance to help prevent spam, virus, and ransomware attacks through phishing and impersonation emails.

A solution that leverages real-time threat detection inputs from over 2 million sensors worldwide, utilizes holistic protection, and integrates with any email service, CTC Mail Guard service is here to protect you.

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